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The report contains the basic situation, operating performance and profitability, assets and liabilities analysis, HR analysis, credit analysis, competitiveness analysis, prospective analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司. Report Information
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  • Company Name (Chinese):
  • Company Name (English for reference):
    Shanxi Coal Qin Xiu Coal Co., Ltd.
  • Company Name (Pinyin):
    Shan Xi Jin Mei Ji Tuan Qin Xiu Mei Ye You Xian Gong Si
  • Address (Chinese):
  • Address (English for reference):
    Jincheng Qinshui county Riverfront North Road, Patio cell, Unit 1, Building 2, Room 201
  • Address (Pinyin):
    Jin Cheng Qin Shui Xian Cheng Bin He Bei Lu Qin Yuan Xiao Qu 2Hao Lou 1Dan Yuan 201Shi
  • Report Title:
    Profile Report of Shan Xi Jin Mei Ji Tuan Qin Xiu Mei Ye You Xian Gong Si (山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司)
  • Report Type:
  • Report Language:
  • Publish Date:
  • Publisher:
    Beijing Ling Tong Economic Consulting Co., Ltd.
Report Contents
  • Description:
    山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 Business Profile Report is a well–written report by combining qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. In this report we used abundant of information and data which are got not only from the third authorities but also from enterprise field investigation. 
  • About:
    山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 Business Profile Report typically contains the following content which will enable you to gain your competitive advantage:
    • 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 basic situation
    • Three years historical financial statement of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司.
    • Three years market forecasts of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    • Human resources and salary of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    • R&D competitiveness of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    • Market shares of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    • The present situation of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 ’s upstream and downstream industry chain
    • Industry analysis.
    • In depth analysis of the factors affecting the 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    • 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 development suggestions
    This report will help decision-makers in the industry to fully grasp and understand the 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司 ’s business environment, its strategies, and its financial position and performance and use it as reference, combined with their own characteristics, fast and accurate adjustment their business competitive strategy, and win the competition for advantage. We can also make more specific investment according to customers' personalized needs.
  • Keywords:
    Financial statement, Market forecast, Human resource, Market share, Industry analysis, R&D competitiveness, Development suggestion, Revenues and gains, Financial distress
  • Table of Contents:
    1  Basic situation of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    1.1   Establishment time and development history
    1.2   Main business
    1.3   Company type
    2  Operating performance and profitability of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    2.1   Sales and product subdivision
    2.2   Cost of goods sold and expenses analysis
    2.3   Revenues and gains
    2.4   Target market and sales direction
    3  Assets and liabilities analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    3.1   Assets and its year-to-year changes analysis
    3.2   Composition and quality of assets
    3.3   Liabilities analysis
    3.4   Capital structure measures for solvency analysis
    4  HR analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    4.1   Crew size and its change analysis
    4.2   Personnel structure
    4.3   Staff remuneration
    5  Credit analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    5.1   Liquidity and working captial
    5.2   Payment ability
    5.3   Predicting financial distress
    6  Upstream and downstream industry analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    6.1   Development prospect of downsteam industries and its impact on the company
    6.2   Impact of the raw material price changing on the company
    7  Competitiveness analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    7.1   Industrial ranking and market share
    7.2   Supply ability
    7.3   Size of competitiveness
    7.4   Sales competitiveness
    7.5   R&d competitiveness
    7.6   Comprehensive competitiveness analysis
    8  Prospective analysis of 山西晋煤集团沁秀煤业有限公司
    8.1   Industry prospective analysis
    8.2   Company Prospective anlysis
  • List of Tables:
    Table 1:  Establishment time and registered address
    Table 2:  Company scale and type
    Table 3:  Sales revenue and growth
    Table 4:  Cost and expenses
    Table 5:  Profit and its growth rates
    Table 6:  Sales territory and operation model
    Table 7:  Sales and its growth rate
    Table 8:  Total assets and its growth rate
    Table 9:  Assets structure
    Table 10:  Liabilites and quality of it
    Table 11:  Solvency ratios
    Table 12:  Personnel numbers and its growth rate
    Table 13:  Skill level, education and functional structure of personnel in 2013
    Table 14:  Staff remuneration
    Table 15:  Average annual salary of employees
    Table 16:  Capital structure
    Table 17:  Payment capacity
    Table 18:  Industrial ranking and market share
    Table 19:  Output value and its growth rate
    Table 20:  Sales growth speed compared with the industry
    Table 21:  Average labor productivity
    Table 22:  Selling expense and its structure
    Table 23:  R&D situations in 2013
    Table 24:  Comprehensive competitiveness evaluation in 2013
    Table 25:  Assets and sales of company’s industry
    Table 26:  Sales forcast
  • List of Figures:
    Figure 1:  Sales revenue trend from 2011 to 2013
    Figure 2:  Cost and expense ratios from 2011 to 2013 
    Figure 3:  Personnel educational structure in 2013
    Figure 4:  Comparative payment capacity statement
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